Note: All the items you wish to sell must be in your vehicle. No additional items will be allowed in from another vehicle parked in the car park. If you are selling 2 cars worth of stuff - you must pay for 2 pitches - everybody else does.

You do not need to book a pitch but please be aware that in good weather we can fill up so do not arrive too late and be disappointed.

12.30pm is when we stop people coming on site to buy - this gives you a chance to clear your pitch and be on the road by 1pm. Another thing to note is that when you wish to leave please try to note when other cars start clearing away and maybe start packing up yourself.  The reason for this is that if everyone packs away at the end and attempts to leave the field together we have experienced terrible traffic jams due to the number of people trying to leave together.  Remember you arrived over a period of 1-2 hours so leaving at once may prove to be a problem.  We are not allowed to manage traffic on to the main road by law so please drive considerately when leaving.



Prices for sellers

Cars £12
Small Van or MPV £14
Transit size van / Pick ups / Motorhomes £17
Luton size van £22
Larger than Luton £27
Trailers (S/M/L size) charge added to vehicle cost £5 /10/15


8:30am onwards £1 per person
Early Bird (allows buying from 7.30-8:30am) £3 per person
Kids under 12 £Free


Charities are welcome to have a stall at our car boot – we love to support many charities.  You will only pay a small fee which is from £5 per car - this charge increases slightly in accordance with your vehicle size or number. Unfortunately we deem it necessary to check your validity due to previous unscrupulous stallholders.  We will require registration numbers, addresses and contact details for your chosen charity.  

We ask you to take 5 mins to give us a review on google or to post on our fb. We would very much like it if you could link to us from your website and we love to find out how much money you manage to raise.  Please speak to Emma and give her all the details.

No buying is allowed before 7.30am – even if you are a stallholder.

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